Are the engineers manufacturer approved?

Yes! We aim to use manufacturer engineers in the first place. If for some reason we are unable too, we will send a manufacturer approved engineer.

Can I call to book a service?

Of course! Call free on 0800 599 9777 speak to one of our advisors and we can get one booked in for you.

Will my appliance be replaced for exactly the same appliance?

Yes, we will replace like for like to the same specification.

My appliance is over 6 years old can it still be covered?

Absolutely! An appliance of that age is more likely to break down! We will happily add this to your services agreement.

How do I claim?

Call us free on 0800 599 9777.

Is there an excess to pay?

There may or may not be an excess depending on the cover you have chosen, you can log in to your members area and it will show you the excess you chose. Alternatively please call us FREE 0800 599 9777, we will be delighted to answer any questions.

I didn’t receive my documents!

Please check your email spam/junk folder as emails have a habit of ending up here, If it is not there then feel free to call us free on 0800 599 9777. We are a paper friendly company and to reduce the carbon footprint we only send documents electronically.

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